How to Keep Updated with the Latest Work Wear Fashion Trends

Do you need to revamp your office wardrobe or just want to stay in style while around the workplace? If you do, then you might as well keep abreast with the hottest fashion trends. Though if it is your first time to incorporate trends into your usual corporate outfit you might be curious as to what the options are.

In this article, you will find different fashion styles and fads, learn to apply them and turn your dull office outfit into a fun and vibrant look while still keeping office-appropriate.

Although there are several ways you can go about in discovering the latest workplace fashion trends, one of the most favoured and reliable sources on finding popular clothes and accessories are through printed fashion magazines. Magazines provide you the latest style trends and beauty must-haves on the runway, red carpet, and local scene on a monthly basis; you can either subscribe where the magazine will be delivered to your door automatically every month at a discounted rate or you can choose to buy the magazine whenever you want to at your local bookstore or any news stand.

Most magazines contain a work-appropriate fashion and beauty section where they often have individual stylish pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes or sets that are put together to create of office-appropriate outfits and sometimes wardrobe essential that transition or are wearable for day-to-night office/event emergency or short-notice calls. Fashion magazines are equipped with images and helpful articles on how-to’s and Q&A as well.

One other way of keeping yourself in the loop with the newest trends is through regular internet surfing where you can check out websites, virtual magazines or even better, follow and subscribe to your favourite fashion and style blogs for your daily dose of fashion inspiration. Plus, fashion blogs lead you to online fashion stores and boutiques from popular designer name brands to mainstream fashion to hand-made, custom retailers like Etsy to exotic shops that offer one-of-a-kind or sometimes even customizable goods; some that may not even be available in your city or country but can be purchased online.

Hot items are usually marketed by being displayed in a web store’s front or home page. Some online shops even provide ratings and reviews for each product that assist you in decision-making. If you like something you probably saw on Instagram or whatever social media platform that’s fashion-related like Karmaloop codes (freshrepcodes) on Twitter whether it’s clothes, accessories or shoes for work, play, formal or casual, you can easily look it up through the search bar and quickly browse through the pages of an online fashion store.

Ordering goods is very easy – with a few mouse clicks and credit card access, you can have your order delivered to your house in just a matter of hours or days depending on where you live, where the item is shipped from and what type of courier is used for Shipping & Handling.

If you wish to incorporate stylish trends into your daily casual to corporate to event work wear, here are some really chic trends that we think you’ll have fun mixing, matching and creating multiple looks all throughout the week and even over the weekend.

  1. Bow Tie – Want to make your corporate look chic? Why not put on a bow tie? If men wear neckties, we think women in bowties would look sexy- any colour just not the red coloured one or you might be mistaken for a present (you know… for a bachelor’s party!) Otherwise, it would be smart to play it safe with white, grey, peach or any neutral color at least. Some blouses are sold with it already that you just tie around the neckline and voila! It’s fun and formal-looking, definitely shows who’s lady boss!
  2. Pastels – Inject pastel colours into your office outfit to make things appear lighter; A sheath or shift dress in blush pink, peach, or grey will take you from day-to-night.
  3. Floral prints – Florals in huge, bold prints are in trend; they are better than smaller floral prints as small ones are more for the teens and the bigger ones suit the mature woman better. Floral prints are great statement-making pieces; You can easily incorporate this trend into a dress, a blouse, trousers, skirt or blazer.
  4. Pencil Cut Skirts – A pencil cut skirt is a fabulous fashion piece- great for day to evening occasions. It’s great way to conceal a heavy bottom and the perfect go-to office outfit because of its right length and cut. Experiment with colour and fabric on this one; try a lace pencil cut skirt for femininity.
  5. Pointy-toe pumps – We see this trend everywhere – runway, red carpet and even on the streets! Celebrities and street-stylists are diggin’ pointy-toed pumps because they’re not only good-looking but they are also an absolutely fantastic way to highlight those lean legs and make them look shapely. They are your ultimate pair for the office plus, you can wear them ‘til wee hours of the evening paired with a cocktail dress, skirt or even a pair of chic shorts for a night-out after work.

Evidently enough, there are several options and a number of sure fire ways in finding the best and latest fashion trends. As note to yourself, with so many trends that come and go, a ‘hot trend’ doesn’t necessarily mean it suits the workplace. Take extra precaution and be wary of the styles considering in particular the cuts and fabric of garments. For example, sheer is included in this season’s hottest trends but the material isn’t exactly fit for the office, is it?

However, ‘peek-a-boo’ another hot trend can be applied into your outfit. Otherwise you can combine these two trends. You don’t have to go all out sheer and expose more than what’s supposed to, play with silhouettes and go peek-a-boo only enhancing minor details of your assets but be mindful too. Of course, prior to implementing a fashion trend into your work wardrobe, make sure that you are wary of your environment, position and image.

If you hold a highly relevant position or an executive in the company, make sure that you are projecting a dignified and respected person with the right image.  Keep in mind what is essentially acceptable and ones that are not to avoid breaking office rules and stirring controversy around the work environment.

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